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We take the time to fully understand your health concerns to develop a treatment plan that delivers results.


Acupuncture is one of the safest forms of medicine available – we always use clean, sterile needles that are disposed of immediately after use.


Licensed by the CT Department of Public Health with 4-year post-graduate degrees, nationally certified by the NCCAOM.

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Our Mission
To provide effective, natural, drug-free solutions to many of your top health concerns. 
Our Vision
A world in which medication and surgery are the last resort for patients instead of the first.
Proven Results
With over a decade each in the field of acupuncture and TCM, Matt and Jill have helped hundreds of patients improve their health and well-being.
Payment Options
We can accept your insurance if your policy covers acupuncture – if it does not, we are able to accept your HSA or FSA card, along with all major credit cards.

Meet Matt & Jill


Jill’s compassionate care helped to prepare my body for a natural pregnancy! Jill is kind, generous, and will work hard to support you in your journey to becoming pregnant. I began going to Jill for acupuncture during my first IVF cycle, after a year and a half of trying to conceive. That cycle was cancelled half way through and my husband and I decided to take two months off before beginning a new IVF cycle. During those two months I continued to see Jill and loved the acupuncture sessions. As it turns out, we didn’t have to return to IVF because I became pregnant naturally!! I truly believe that acupuncture played an instrumental role in achieving a natural pregnancy. I am continuing to see Jill for acupuncture to support my pregnancy. I highly recommend Jill and her services!
Heather, Age 35,
I have an autoimmune disease which caused my body to throw clots to both of my eyes. This irreparably damaged my optic nerves. I have high ocular pressures because of this. I have been under the care of a top-notch opthamologist for the last seven years. He has tried 3-4 different types of eye drops and two rounds of laser surgery with minimal results. Matt began treating my eye pressures in September of 2013 on a weekly basis. I am pleased to report that my pressures are the lowest they have ever been. I cannot praise Matt and West Hartford Acupuncture enough
Kim, Bolton, CT
The pain in my left knee was crippling. At times I could not walk at all. Western Doctors told me it was a serious degenerative bone condition and that the only way to remedy the pain would be through expensive knee surgery to remove the bone fragments. Since I had no health insurance I turned to Jill Kleiber. After a few wonderful acupuncture treatments my knee pain subsided and for three years now it has not returned. I don’t understand how it works, I only know it worked for me.
T.L. Fortman, TX
One reason for my seeking treatment with Matt was to address chronic joint pain in my shoulder. I was pursuing surgery to address the problem. Since receiving acupuncture treatments however, my pain has substantially eased and I am greatly relieved to no longer feel the need for surgery.
David H., Simsbury, CT
Jill, you were so amazing and helpful in preparing my body for having a baby and then finally in getting pregnant. Your care enabled me both physically and emotionally to have a healthy pregnancy. We are now so thrilled to have our sweet Ruth as a part of our lives and are grateful to you for the part you played in bringing her to us.
Janice Kearley, CT
I met Matt in October of 2008. I was having a lot of health issues. Matt and I sat down and laid out my plan. I see Matt once a week for on-going health issues. I really did not think acupuncture would work for me, but I have notice great improvement with my treatments. He really know’s his work! If you or anybody is thinking about acupuncture, Matt is the best there is in this business.
Carol Pilkin, East Hartford, CT
At 57, my sports injuries have caught up with me. I have arthritic pain in both shoulders and my neck. After several months of acupuncture treatment in Matt’s office, I have better range of motion in my joints and am in much less pain. I also find that the acupuncture visits have a side benefit…my blood pressure is lower and my stress level is reduced substantially after each visit. I am happy to recommend West Hartford Acupuncture as a quality health care provider.
George Andrew McDowell, West Hartford, CT

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